Saturday, April 21, 2007


So am I really retiring?

This is a question that I have been asked many times. Some of you find it hard to believe that I will just be sitting in a beach chair sipping Daytona Tea and you are right:) I am retiring from the Public School Retirement System, but I will continue to work in the field of educational technology.

What will I be doing?

I will be finishing my dissertation. Now that I have retired, I will have more time to devote to it. I think you are supposed to graduate before you retire, but I don't always do things in sequential order:)

I will be continuing to work on making Gamequarium better than ever. It will be nice to have time to devote to it. I will also be developing other websites for teachers and students.

Vince Szewczyk, my dear friend and partner, and I have formed an educational consulting company called SqoolTechs. Of course the business name is an acronym! Sqool stands for Supporting Quality Online Opportunities for Learning. We will be working to develop SqoolTools, an online integrated instructional interface that combines the virtual learning environment known as Moodle with the Gamequarium database of interactive games and learning activities. We plan to offer Moodle hosting and technology and professional development services for districts, schools, and individual classrooms.

I do plan to spend more time with my family, and with my toes in the sand, sipping Daytona Tea! Stay tuned for much more!

Happy Teaching and Learning!


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