Friday, September 21, 2007


Seeking Beta Testers for

SqoolTechs recently launched SqoolTools is a virtual learning environment, built on Moodle open source software, that allows K-12 teachers to create courses to either support classroom instruction or to deliver instruction completely online. SqoolTools is currently in Beta Phase. We are testing the best ways to deliver and service SqoolTools accounts. In addition, during the Beta phase we will be integrating instructional resources and other features that improve the functionality of the base software.

We are seeking teachers to serve as beta testers. Your responsibilities as a beta tester are to use the software for instructional purposes and report any issues or problems that you experience. You may be asked to periodically provide your opinion by completing an online survey.

In exchange for your participation as a beta tester, you will be provided with a SqoolTools account free of charge during the beta phase and for a period of one year following the close of the beta phase. If you would like to participate as a beta tester, read the details and complete a brief survey. Please note that the window of opportunity to become a beta tester is brief. We will be making our selections during the next week.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


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